We are a unique custom picture frame, mirror and rustic furniture shop creating unique work from reclaimed and aged materials.

We typically go on buying trips every week to restoration companies, salvage yards, and antique shops to find the materials we make our pieces from. Our materials range in date of origin but are typically older than the 1900’s, often from the 18th century.

If there is a certain size or style you are looking for, we would love to hear about it and will search for your perfect reclaimed piece when we hit the road.

We offer all of Massachusetts picture frames, mirrors, furniture and rustic home decor accessories from antique reclaimed wood.

Our materials may include exterior shutters, doors, trim, molding, flooring, siding and columns. We focus on original painted surfaces and natural barn / attic finishes. Only years of history can provide the unique colors and patinas found on our creations.

We also offer custom framing for your piece of artwork. Painted beadboard trim, and exterior shutters make great material for custom work. Please email for a quote.

Our shop with rustic wood furniture, reclaimed picture frames and antique window mirrors is located in Ayer, MA and we do several shows during the spring and summer months throughout New England.